Week 7 NFL Betting Lines And Picks

Week 7 NFL Picks

Week 6 was a solid win for us. We went 15-11, with some bad luck with the Titans overtime win and going in the dark, days in advance before we knew the weather in Buffalo. Regardless, we really nailed a few. As far as underdogs winning, we had the Bears, Buccaneers, and 49ers all winning outright.

We also had Washington and the 20-19 score. Even though it was flipped, Washington covered and we won both the spread and the under.  With the solid week, we clawed our way back to being just shy of .500.

Overall, it was a solid week. This week, the weather is turning for some of the matchups, so check those weather reports on the day of kickoff.

2020 Regular Season Record: 89-93

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A breakdown of Week 7 NFL picks

Here we take a look at all the main NFL Week 7 betting lines from the BetRivers Online Sportsbook. Got a minute? Check out a summary of Collin’s picks below. Got some more time? Read on for Collin’s in-depth analysis for his picks this week:

Matchup/LineCollin's PickTake With the SpreadOver/Under
Bills -10.5 @ Jets      O/U: 46
Bills 31 Jets 10BillsUnder
Packers -3.5 @ Texans      O/U: 57 Packers 34 Texans 31   TexansOver
Browns -3.5 @ Bengals       O/U: 50.5Browns 30 Bengals 24BrownsOver
Cowboys -1 @ Washington Football Team      O/U: 46Washington Football Team 23 Cowboys 20 WashingtonOver
Lions @ Falcons -2.5        O/U: 55Falcons 31 Lions 27FalconsOver
Panthers @ Saints -7.5       O/U: 51
Saints 27 Panthers 23 SaintsUnder
Steelers @ Titans -1       O/U: 50.5Steelers 27 Titans 24SteelersOver
49ers @ Patriots -2       O/U: 44.549ers 23 Patriots 1949ersUnder
Chiefs -8.5 @ Broncos       O/U: 45Chiefs 27 Broncos 17ChiefsUnder
Jaguars @ Chargers -7.5     O/U: 49Chargers 27 Jaguars 20JaguarsUnder
Seahawks -3.5 @ Cardinals      O/U: 56Cardinals 31 Seahawks 30CardinalsUnder
Bears @ Rams -6        O/U: 45Rams 23 Bears 20BearsUnder

Bills -10.5 @ Jets      O/U: 46    

The Bills are coming off back-to-back letdown performances offensively. Defensively, they’ve been off all season, but the return of Tre’Davious White last week at least kept the Bills somewhat close. This week, there’s hope in the form of the New York Jets.

The Jets were blanked by the Dolphins a week ago. It was the first shutout of the 2020 season and the cherry on top of the abhorrent Jets’ season. I can’t take the Jets. I simply can’t and won’t. Until this team actually shows competency and effort out there, it would be reckless to put money down on them.

I expect Josh Allen and the Bills are going to take out some of the frustrations of the past few weeks on the Jets in this game. I don’t think it’s particularly close, but I also don’t think the Bills will completely annihilate their division rival here.

Bills 31 Jets 10

Packers -3.5 @ Texans      O/U: 57 

It’s hard to look at a game with these two teams and not anticipate a shootout. The Texans showed they are a much more free and loose offense with Bill O’Brien gone, but their defense still, frankly, sucks. Deshaun Watson is slinging it all over the field to the likes of Will Fuller, Brandin Cooks, and Randall Cobb. Even Fells has gotten in on the action. For the Packers, last week was a big serving of humble pie.

The Packers were completely shut down by a Buccaneers defense that appears to be constantly evolving. This week, the Packers will have Davante Adams back in full as they look to right the ship against a desperate Texans team hoping to turn their season around. I expect the Packers to come out strong, much like the Titans did a week ago.

I think the Packers run game is going to be a major problem for the Texans, and though the Texans have Roby on the outside, the rapport Adams has with Rodgers will be too much for the talented cover corner to handle. I expect this game to be a shootout, but I like for the Texans to cover at home.

Packers 34 Texans 31         

Browns -3.5 @ Bengals       O/U: 50.5

These teams met once before, early in the season. For that game, I picked the Bengals because I didn’t trust the Browns. Going into last week, I’d have said I trusted the Browns more, but after the Steelers game, I’m having second thoughts.

On the one hand, the Bengals offense seems more in-synch now than in Week 2. They really came out and kicked the Colts in the mouth early last week, before collapsing late. On the other hand, you can say the Browns had their first game well in hand until their defense started playing prevent down the stretch.

At this point, I think the game is setting up to be a bounce-back game for the Browns. I do expect the scoring to be elevated again and think the over will hit, again.

Browns 30 Bengals 24

Cowboys -1 @ Washington Football Team      O/U: 46

The Cowboys are pretty awful now. Their defense has been awful all season and they are now 0-6 against the spread. I like to think they will be able to crawl out of this hole and figure things out offensively, but it’s looking bleak at this point.

I expect at some point soon, the Cowboys will tailor this offense a little more to better accommodate all the losses they’ve suffered from a personnel standpoint. I think this may resemble the game we saw a week ago with the Giants and Washington. I like for Washington to run the ball well in this game and provide enough pressure on defense to keep the Cowboys out of synch for most of the game. I have Washington in a close one.

Washington Football Team 23 Cowboys 20 

Lions @ Falcons -2.5        O/U: 55

The Lions looked sharp last week, but they had a series of favorable matchups going their way. De’Andre Swift looked amazing, as the defense was able to completely tighten up and shut down the Jaguars rush attack. The Lions ran all over the Jaguars, as the heavily anticipated Matthew Stafford throwing exhibition didn’t come to fruition because it didn’t have to.

The Falcons defense has noticeably improved as of late. With the return of a few defenders from injury, the Falcons are showing they can be competent defensively. With this being a home game for the Falcons, I like for them to set the tone early.

I like the Falcons to win a close one at home. I expect both teams to attempt to run the ball a good bit in this one, but the Falcons are surprisingly strong against the run so far. I expect the game to open up a lot in the second half.

Falcons 31 Lions 27

Panthers @ Saints -7.5       O/U: 51

The Panthers are coming off a game in which the Bears shut down their passing attack. Moving the ball was very challenging for the Panthers last week, but the Saints have been getting burned by opposing receivers as of late. Even with the bye, the Saints know their focus is going to have to be on the run game and tracking the running backs leaking out of the backfield.

The Panthers are going to have opportunities to have a few big passing plays in this game. Historically, these two teams typically have close games, so I don’t expect anyone to run away with this one.

To me, this game will come down to the Saints defense and how effective they can be stopping the Panthers ground game. If the Saints have success stopping the run, they won’t have to risk as much in the passing game. I expect both teams to come into the game prepared, but I think the Saints will struggle through the air without Michael Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders both out.

Saints 27 Panthers 23     

Steelers @ Titans -1       O/U: 50.5

This has been one of the toughest games I can remember picking. Both teams have had fortunate breaks in games thus far, and both have played pretty favorable schedules. Both these teams have “something’s got to give” matchups in this game.

For the Titans, they are perhaps the most well-balanced offense in football. They love to work off their run, but the Steelers are great against the run. Tennessee is highly efficient in the passing game, but there is some doubt as to whether AJ Brown will suit up in this game. Devin Bush’s injury is going to hurt the Steelers run defense and Taylor Lewan’s injury will no doubt hurt the Titans.

I expect this game to be stubborn throughout most of it. I think both teams will hit on some big plays to keep the scoring up, but I like the Steelers in the end.

Steelers 27 Titans 24

49ers @ Patriots -2       O/U: 44.5

The 49ers were the team everyone was down on last week prior to their game against the Rams. We picked the 49ers to win outright and they did. Now, they are facing a completely different animal, the Patriots. This matchup isn’t just a chess match between elite coaches. It’s a chess match with a limited selection of pieces and move sets.

The Patriots have issues passing the ball against decent pass defenses. Their weapons are limited and their quarterback is erratic. The 49ers have more weapons offensively but are down a few key players on both sides of the ball. Both teams have been susceptible on pass defense this season in unique situations.

I anticipate this game will be similar to the Patriots game a week ago. The 49ers are going to try to mix up the plays well, but the Patriots are keen on Garappolo’s weaknesses. The Patriots also love to eliminate the opposing team’s best weapon, so expect them to focus on locking down George Kittle. In the end, I think the 49ers just have more weapons and more creative variations to use in this game.

49ers 23 Patriots 19

Chiefs -8.5 @ Broncos       O/U: 45

The Broncos don’t get enough credit for how they’ve shut down good teams all season. They’ve had a few slip-ups this season, but consider how they thwarted both the Patriots and the Titans this year. The Broncos are still a middle of the road type team against the pass, so I anticipate the Chiefs to come out throwing on early downs and running when the defensive alignment calls for it. I don’t see the Broncos as much of a threat in this game.

Offensively, they lack firepower and potency. Drew Lock got a lot of hype coming into the season, but he’s still yet to settle in with the offense and prove he can be the kind of guy to put a team on his back. This game is going to be a cold one. Expect a relatively low-scoring output from the home team here.

Chiefs 27 Broncos 17                 

Jaguars @ Chargers -7.5     O/U: 49

As bad as the Jaguars have looked lately, it’s hard to believe the Chargers are over a touchdown favorite against anyone. It’s certainly possible the Chargers could be undefeated, seeing as how they have been leading in every game but one this season and lost each by one score. That being said, the Chargers thrive at playing to the level of their competition, as well as playing conservatively when they have a lead.

I could be wrong and this could turn out much like their blowout win against the Jaguars a year ago, but I’ve seen the tendencies and I’ve watched the film, and I think the Chargers are going to let the Jaguars hang around just enough to cover.

Chargers 27 Jaguars 20

Seahawks -3.5 @ Cardinals      O/U: 56

I don’t normally bet against the Seahawks, but their time is up. The Seahawks have been great this season offensively, but have had a lot of trouble on the defensive side of the ball. Kyler Murray showed us last week he doesn’t even need to be very good to get the offense off to a big night. The Cardinals matchup well enough on defense to give the Seahawks trouble.

Don’t forget, late last season the Seahawks were in a must-win situation against the Cardinals without Murray and they lost a shocker at home to Arizona. The time is now to finally bet against Seattle.

Cardinals 31 Seahawks 30

Bears @ Rams -6        O/U: 45

The Bears have been playing ferocious defense all season, and the Rams have been beating up inferior opponents through the early part of their schedule. As it stands now, I have both teams ranked very close this season.

I give the nod to the Bears for their defense, and I do wonder about the limitations of the Rams offense now. It seems that over the past two seasons, teams have really cued in on how to slow the Rams and frustrate Jared Goff. I know the Bears are frustrating on offense, but I think this game will be decided on the defensive side of the ball.

Between Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack, I think both defenses will be disrupting the passing game on the other side. I expect this to be a defensive struggle, but think the Rams will pull it out with a late field goal.

Rams 23 Bears 20



Author: Collin Hulbert