Week 2 NFL Betting Lines And Picks

Week one went well overall (17-15) with a disappointing late game where the Titans kicker missed three easy field goals and an extra point, which otherwise would’ve resulted in a cover of both the spread and the over.

Despite that game and being extremely wrong about the Colts, the rest of the games where somewhat close to the predicted outcomes. The Chargers won by exactly three, the Bills won by exactly ten, the Saints won by exactly eleven, and the Raiders won by exactly four. Even though it wasn’t a slam dunk week, at least it’s better than last season, where we started out ice cold before fighting our way to a 53.44% winning percentage.

2020 Regular Season Record: 17-15

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A breakdown of Week 2 NFL picks

Here we take a look at all the main NFL Week 2 betting lines from the BetRivers Online Sportsbook. Got a minute? Check out a summary of Collin’s picks below. Got some more time? Read on for Collin’s in-depth analysis for his picks this week:

Matchup/LineCollin's PickTake With the SpreadOver/Under
Panthers @ Buccaneers -8.5 O/U: 47.5.
Buccaneers 31 Panthers 17 BucsOver
Falcons @ Cowboys -4 O/U: 53.5 Cowboys 38 Falcons 24 CowboysOver
Broncos @ Steelers -7 O/U: 40.5Steelers 26 Broncos 13 SteelersUnder
Bills -5.5 @ Dolphins O/U: 41Bills 27 Dolphins 16BillsOver
Vikings @ Colts -3 O/U: 48.5Colts 30 Vikings 24ColtsOver
Lions @ Packers -6.5 O/U: 49.5
Packers 33 Lions 20 PackersOver
Jaguars @ Titans -7.5 O/U: 44Titans 30 Jaguars 20 TitansOver
Giants @ Bears -5.5 O/U: 42Giants 19 Bears 17 GiantsUnder
Rams @ Eagles -1.5 O/U: 45.5Rams 27 Eagles 17RamsUnder
49ers -7 @ Jets O/U: 41.549ers 23 Jets 13 49ersUnder
Washington Football Team @ Cardinals -7 O/U: 46.5Cardinals 26 Washington Football Team 20 WashingtonUnder
Ravens -7.5 @ Texans O/U: 50Ravens 34 Texans 17 RavensOver
Chiefs -8.5 @ Chargers O/U: 47.5Chiefs 27 Chargers 16 ChiefsUnder
Patriots @ Seahawks -4 O/U: 45
Seahawks 23 Patriots 17SeahawksUnder
Saints -5.5 @ Raiders O/U: 49.5Saints 26 Raiders 20SaintsUnder

Panthers @ Buccaneers -8.5       O/U: 47.5

This one is a little tricky because we still don’t know a lot about the Bucs’ offense after just one game. We were exact in predicting the margin of victory in the opening game against the Saints, but the method of victory was far from what was expected. Tom Brady was on a bit of a roller coaster ride last week, though the Saints defense presents an array of challenges to any offense.

This week, they’ll be facing off against another division rival, the Panthers. Last week, the Panthers were involved in a shootout with the Raiders in a game we also predicted the winning margin. The problem for the Panthers this week is they’re up against maybe the best rush defense in football.

Christian McCaffrey struggled to get anything going on the ground, rushing 38 times for just 68 yards through both contests. The Bucs were particularly stingy last week, limiting the Saints dynamic rush attack to low yardage as well. With the pressure on Teddy Bridgewater to outduel Tom Brady through the air, I don’t think the Panthers have the ability to keep up in such an air battle.

Buccaneers 31 Panthers 17            

Falcons @ Cowboys -4      O/U: 53.5 

The Falcons defense really showed the world they still aren’t anywhere close to being solid, as the Seahawks absolutely had their way with them in Week One. The Cowboys ran the ball efficiently against the Rams, but sputtered at critical moments in their opener. I think both teams will have their challenges, particularly in pass coverage, throughout the season.

For this game, I just don’t like the matchup for the Falcons. The Cowboys did a pretty decent job last week with the Rams, and the Falcons likely won’t be showing them the variety of offensive packages that got the best of the boys a week ago.

I think the Falcons may put together some big drives, but the Cowboys should have no trouble going up and down the field against the dirty birds, as long as the playcalling remains relatively balanced. I expect the Cowboys to make a statement at home this week and get themselves on-track for the season we were expecting, leading up to last week.

Cowboys 38 Falcons 24                  

Broncos @ Steelers -7       O/U: 40.5

The Steelers came out sluggish a week ago, but quickly found a winning formula against the Giants. It took a few stagnant drives for Big Ben to find his footing, but once he did, the offense clicked. Second-year back Benny Snell showed off his improved quickness, taking over for the injured James Conner, and the Steelers seemed to find good chemistry through the air.

With an elite defense and strong playmakers on offense, the Steelers should be positioned well to make a deep run. The only issue this week is the health of the Steelers offensive line. With two (possibly three) starters out, the Steelers are going to have to rely on a quick passing attack to neutralize a stout Broncos defensive front. On the other side, the Broncos are coming off a game they nearly stole from the Titans. Stephen Gostkowski missed three field goals and an extra point in a game the Titans nearly choked away.

The Broncos honed-in on Derrick Henry and the run game, but Ryan Tannehill was able to keep making magic happening, much like he did in 2019. In this game, the Broncos will have the advantage against a banged-up Steelers offensive line, but Ben Roethlisberger is the kind of guy who can get it done, so I’ll put my faith in him over a second-year quarterback facing maybe the best defense in football.

Steelers 26 Broncos 13

Bills -5.5 @ Dolphins       O/U: 41

Buffalo looked really sharp a week ago, despite not running the ball well with their backs. Josh Allen made play after play as the Bills cruised to a relatively easy victory over their division rival, the Jets. I’m still not convinced Allen has made the leap some expected him to in the offseason. Call me crazy, but I’m going to need to see Allen do it against a team not named the Jets before I’m convinced he’s made a jump.

The Dolphins, on the other hand, struggled against one of 2019’s best defenses in the New England Patriots. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw a few picks and the Patriots were just good enough on offense to keep a safe distance from the Dolphins in the opener. The problem the Dolphins will have this game is the Bills secondary, led by Tre’Davious White.

Ryan Fitzpatrick and his trio of castoff running backs will have their work cut out for them this week. Ultimately, I think the playmaking ability of Josh Allen will move the chains for Buffalo and the Bills will win this game by virtue of their defense. I expect a game flow similar to the Patriots vs Dolphins from a week ago.

Bills 27 Dolphins 16

Vikings @ Colts -3       O/U: 48.5

The Colts really laid an egg in their opener at Jacksonville last week. After a busy draft and offseason, a lot of hype was circulating this team coming into the 2020 season and rightfully so. Their offense and defensive lines were great last year, and the Colts added a veteran quarterback and loaded their skill positions with talent via the draft. The question here is, can we trust Philip Rivers to take advantage of the awful Vikings secondary? I think we can because they’re already going to have to commit to stopping the Colts rushing attack.

Much like the week before with Aaron Jones and a questionable receiving corps aside from Davante Adams, the Colts are dually talented. I like the Colts offense to flourish in this game and the Vikings to run themselves into a negative game script, before ultimately making it relatively close in the end.

Colts 30 Vikings 24.  

Lions @ Packers -6.5       O/U: 49.5

The Packers threw out their 2019 playcalling tendencies and unlocked Aaron Rodgers, fully. The big question here is, will they do it again? The Lions have a young secondary and their number three overall corner, Jeff Okudah, is scheduled to start. However, it’s likely he isn’t going to be attempting to guard Davante Adams.

I expect another heavy dose of Devante in this one and a little more of the run game. Most of all, I expect another Packers win. For the Lions, there will be opportunities through the air by which to attack the Pack, but the absence of Kenny Golladay will be much more substantial than we think. I like the Packers to win here, comfortably.

Packers 33 Lions 20     

Jaguars @ Titans -7.5       O/U: 44

The Jaguars shocked the world last week when they beat the Colts in their opener. It seemed no matter what the Colts defense did, Gardner Minshew had the answers. Even though the Colts stayed very committed to the run, their passing defense stepped up and kept the game script positive for them, allowing Gardner Minshew to play a balanced role in the offense, not forcing the ball downfield unnecessarily (which is what got them into hot water in 2019).

Just weeks ago, the Jaguars were shipping off good players at discount prices, and now, they look like a respectable team, to say the least. The Titans have a huge opportunity this season. With the Texans noticeably less potent through the air and still questionable on defense, a Titan victory here can set them up nicely in the division. The Jags rushing defense isn’t good and looked the part a week ago, and now they have to try to stop Derrick Henry, the NFL’s leading rusher from 2019.

I like the Titans here since they are not only very efficient on the ground, but equally efficient through the air. The Titans defense came up big when they needed to in Denver, and I expect them to quell all the Gardner Minshew hype this week. I think the Jags will fall into a negative game script and Gardner Minshew will be asked to do a little too much this week.

Titans 30 Jaguars 20       

Giants @ Bears -5.5       O/U: 42

The Bears dodged a serious bullet last week when D’andre Swift dropped the potential game-winning touchdown. The Giants suffered a second-half meltdown, failing to slow down the Steelers in the second half of their opener. Though they never got the run game established, it’s very possible the Steelers are the best defense the Giants will face all season.

Honestly, I was much more impressed by the Giants than the Bears in Week One, and I like the Giants to pull off the road upset here. I don’t trust Mitch Trubisky enough just yet.

Giants 19 Bears 17        

Rams @ Eagles -1.5      O/U: 45.5

The truth of the opening week for the Eagles was that the Eagles broke down. Their offensive line struggled against a solid Washington pass rush, and Carson Wentz took a beating that undoubtedly rattled him in the pocket as the game went on. I don’t expect quite the same this week, but Aaron Donald is going to disrupt the interior run lanes, as well as the passing game.

As for the Rams, the oddsmakers still have their doubts as to the effectiveness of their offensive line. Even though the Eagles will get Lane Johnson and Miles Sanders back this week, I just don’t trust their offense enough, and I think the Rams will exploit the Eagles secondary, which is mediocre, at best.

I like the personnel groupings the Rams utilize and believe in a pandemic season, pre-existing offenses with a lot of mileage have an advantage over the newer offenses, simply due to reps.

Rams 27 Eagles 17 

49ers -7 @ Jets       O/U: 41.5

The 49ers are going to be without George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, and first-round wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk. That’s not ideal, even against a team like the Jets. The Jets run defense was pretty good in 2019, holding opponents to 98 rushing yards per game. They did a good job last week against the Bills running backs. However, I am aware the 49ers are a whole different animal, utilizing a variety of formations, pre-snap movement, and personnel.

I think the 49ers will utilize their backs quite a bit in the passing game, and I don’t expect them to take a lot of shots downfield. After all, their best receiver right now is probably Kendrick Bourne and their quarterback is Jimmy Garrappolo, so who are we kidding here? The Jets are going to have a tough time moving the ball against this talented 49ers defense, so I expect this to be a very low-scoring game. I like the 49ers to break a couple big runs and screens and position themselves nicely to choke out the Jets as the game progresses.

49ers 23 Jets 13

Washington Football Team @ Cardinals -7       O/U: 46.5

I can see multiple scenarios playing out in this game, but the most realistic is the Redskins pass rush forcing Kyler Murray to run all over the field. When it comes to dual-threat quarterbacks, it’s much more difficult to gameplan against them. The plan here for the Cardinals is likely going to be taking advantage of an aggressive pass rush from Washington. I expect we will see a lot of Murray scrambles, quite a few quick passes and screens, and a good amount of Deandre Hopkins.

For Washington, the focus will be on exploiting the Cardinals where they are most vulnerable, and getting Dwayne Haskins into a rhythm early. Continuity is key in developing rookie quarterbacks, so if they can get Haskins comfortable early in this game, they’ll have a shot against the Cardinals. Expect at least three or four deep shots to Terry McLaurin in the game.

Washington knows their limitations offensively, but they also know the Cardinals secondary has some glaring weaknesses. I actually like Washington to give Murray enough trouble to put themselves in position to win this game. I just don’t think Dwayne Haskins will be able to exploit this secondary enough to get the win.

Cardinals 26 Washington Football Team 20       

Ravens -7.5 @ Texans       O/U: 50

The Ravens may have been exposed in their AFC Divisional loss to the Titans last season, but that didn’t stop the Browns last week, who said, “Who needs a blueprint when we know this team better than anyone else?” The Ravens went on to win 38-6 and made the Browns look like, well, the Browns.

This week, the Ravens will get to face the Texans, who looked equally confused last week against the Chiefs. The Ravens have a much better defense than the Chiefs and the Ravens dynamic attack had absolutely no problems last season when they beat the brakes off the Texans, 41-7.

I don’t think it will be that bad this time around, but I do expect the Ravens to again look very polished and potent and I don’t think the Texans have near the same talent they did a year ago.

Ravens 34 Texans 17        

Chiefs -8.5 @ Chargers       O/U: 47.5

The Chargers defense looked good last week. Sure, it was the Bengals and rookie Joe Burrow’s first game, but they looked pretty good. Unfortunately, the Chargers offense looked really inept. Sure, Ekeler and Kelley had good games on the ground, but the Chargers couldn’t get much done through the air. After what we saw Thursday night, this should terrify Chargers fans heading into the Kansas City game.

This game seems pretty straightforward to me. The Chargers defense is good, sure, but Patrick Mahomes is still probably the best passer in the league. He’s going to make plays all over the field and in those critical third-down situations, he’s probably going to come through. I think the Chiefs won’t be able to move the ball all over the field as they did against the Texans, but their time of possession will be huge, as I don’t anticipate the Chargers sustaining long drives.

I think the Chiefs will have a firm grip on this game in the second half and Taylor won’t have the chops to lead the Chargers on a comeback through the air.

Chiefs 27 Chargers 16     

Patriots @ Seahawks -4       O/U: 45

The Patriots didn’t look great in Week One, but Cam Newton looked a lot better than the last time we all saw him. Sure, it was the Dolphins, but the Dolphins did look much better towards the end of last season, so don’t take too much away from what the Patriots were able to do against them last week.

The Seahawks looked tremendous last week, moving the ball effectively and playing great defense in the middle part of the game, allowing the offense to get the separation they needed to close things out. The Seahawks finally unlocked Russell Wilson early in a game and it paid off big time. I think, this time out, the Seahawks may utilize a lot of runs and play-action early in this game.

Attacking the Patriots secondary hasn’t been a successful formula recently. That being said, I just don’t trust Cam is quite the potent dual-threat he once was. I think this game will be close late, but a late Seahawks field goal will give them just enough breathing room before they stop the Patriots on a final drive.

Seahawks 23 Patriots 17.            

Saints -5.5 @ Raiders       O/U: 49.5

Last week, the Saints didn’t look like the explosive offense we’ve grown accustomed to seeing over the last decade or so. That’s really because they didn’t need to be. Their defense got a pick-six, and rattled Tom Brady throughout the game. The Buccaneers also have an elite rush defense and managed to shut down Michael Thomas.

This week shouldn’t resemble last week, at all. The Raiders have an exploitable defense and an offense we can’t fully trust yet. I think the Raiders will be fired up for their home opener in Vegas, but it won’t be enough to ward off the Saints, even if the Saints are featuring a hobbled Michael Thomas.

Saints 26 Raiders 20


Author: Collin Hulbert