What Sports Are Available To Bet At Unibet PA With So Few Sports Playing?

Unibet PA Sports April 2020

The sports world has been depleted of around 98% of sports across the world.

The good news is, there are still sports out there to bet on. There’s also value out there for futures bets in the major sports. Oddsmakers at Unibet PA have given us a wide array of futures, so if you have time on your hands, now may be the best time to do some deep diving and get ready for the inevitable return of our beloved, major sports.

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We may not have the English Premier League, but we have the Belarusian Premier League. Belarus has its own Soccer league since most of us probably didn’t realize it. This Saturday, there will be three matches in the Belarusian Premier League, followed by three more on Sunday.


Baseball futures bets are available at Unibet. Though the season is likely to be cut in half, at the very least, the league is still mulling their options of what to do next. The league has expressed a desire to return to action in July, but nothing has been announced officially yet. Bets for Divisional winners, League winners, and World Series winners are available.


MMA has three fights scheduled for April 18th and one for May 9th. As of right now, that’s all we’re getting from MMA.

NCAA Basketball

With the 2019-2020 season suspended indefinitely, bets on the futures for 2020-2021 season are in play. Baylor and Gonzaga are the current favorites at +800. Virginia is third at +900, and Creighton and Villanova round out the top five at +1100. There’s also a section for teams to make the Final Four, so there’s a good amount of action out there for next season.

I like North Carolina for next season as they have a legendary coach and a top-three recruiting class, featuring three guys in the top 17 on ESPN’s 100. They are currently +2500 to win the title. I also like Duke at +1400 seeing as how they have the top recruiting class as of right now. Duke should have a strong, talented team returning next season.


The NBA believes they will be able to finish the season. Most experts around the league are skeptical this season will conclude with a champion. Even if they go ahead with games without fans present, the NBA will likely have to forego the remainder of the season and head directly into shortened playoffs. Whether the length of each series be three-games or five-games, the NBA probably won’t have the time to wrap the playoffs in the traditional format.

PGA Golf

As of now through most of the summer, Golf will not be played at the PGA level. You can bet on the Ryder Cup in September (full field available for bets). The Masters is currently being discussed to be moved to October, but betting is open now. The US Open, currently scheduled for June 18th, is also likely to be pushed back as well. In all, there are six events you can wager on.


The NFL, as it is every season, has a full slate of futures bets available right now at Unibet. Futures bets from Super Bowl Champion to Divisional Champions are all listed. “To make the playoffs” bets for each NFL team are also open. NFL MVP odds and Defensive Player of the Year odds are available as well.


Snooker 2020 World Championship odds are available. If you don’t know what it is, Snooker is a game played on a pool table with colored pool balls. Check it out if you’re really, really bored.


Tennis is about a quarter of the way through their season. There are only four Grand Slams, but two of the remaining three Grand Slams currently have odds. Wimbledon was canceled for 2020 because the grass-court season will be directly impacted by the shutdown and the fall doesn’t allow for the best conditions for the grass. The French Open has been rescheduled for October, while the US Open is scheduled for September 13th.


Author: Collin Hulbert