PGCB Announces Mini Casino Auction Schedule

Pennsylvania Mini-Casino Auction Dates Set

On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board announced a schedule of “Category 4” mini-casino license auctions as well as procedures to determine the 10 mini-casinos that were allowed as as part of the October Pennsylvania gambling expansion.

Dates set for Auctions

The initial round of auctions will be held on January 10th with subsequent auctions held over the following five months.

January 24th
February 7th
February 21st
March 7th
March 21st
April 4th
April 18th
May 2nd
May 16th

The initial round of the auction will include up to 10 separate auctions and will be available to casinos that hold either race track or slot machine licenses.

A second round of auctions will be held if the 10 available licenses have not yet been auctioned off. If the second round of auctions are held, they will be available to existing resort slot machine license holders.

If there are still licenses remaining, all license holders will have a chance to bid on a license, including casinos that have already won a mini-casino license.

Bidding will start at $7.5 million for a slot machine license and $2.5 million for a table game certificate.

The winning bid will be announced after all bid have been submitted. At that point, the location of the winning bids will be revealed.

The board will announce the winners through the PA Gaming Control Board website.

About Pennsylvania Mini Casinos

Pennsylvania mini casinos, which were approved in late October, are allowed to have between 300 and 750 slot machines and 30 table games with another 10 tables after the first year. The mini-casinos must be located at least a 25-mile radius away from existing casinos.

Many PA communities have have opted out for hosting a Pennsylvania mini casino, while other communities are undoubtedly jockeying for position.

Pennsylvania towns and cities have until December 31st to opt out of the gambling expansion. A list of municipalities that have opted out is being maintained by the PGCB.


Author: Craig Klinski