Wild Run & Fast Buck Basketball: 2 New Games From PA’s iLottery

Since the inception of Pennsylvania’s online lottery last year, they have consistently aimed to provide their players with a wide variety of games, game types, and themes. The PA iLottery’s game operators are still hard at work apparently, having just released two new games: Wild Run and Fast Buck Basketball.

These two new games are of the “reveal-style“. One is a single-grid reveal game with an African Safari theme and the other is broken into three reveal mini-games with a basketball theme.

Both games have their own unique appeal. Let’s take a closer look at each:

Wild Run

As previously mentioned, Wild Run is an African Safari themed “reveal-style” game. Players have the option of betting from $0.10 to $20 per game.  After selecting your preferred bet, simply click the PLAY button to begin.

Wild Run’s game consists of a 4×4 grid with squares that conceal one of ten possible African Safari themed symbols. Four of these are different colored “gems” and five are different animal “trophies”. If players reveal three of one symbol, they win a prize. If they reveal four of one symbol they win a larger prize.

Players have the option of slowly clicking (and revealing) each square one by one or simply clicking the PLAY button again to have the game speedily auto-reveal the squares in the grid.

Importantly, since the grid is comprised of 16 squares, players are not limited to one set of matching (and winning) symbols. Multiple winning combinations are permitted.

If a player reveals three (or more) of the last (WILD RUN) symbol, they win a randomly generated number of free bonus spins. Best of all, in each of these spins, “Wins are guaranteed!

Here’s a complete breakdown of all the symbols in Wild Run and what players can win with each:

SYMBOLMatch of 3 wins (in multiples of bet amount)Match of 4 wins (in multiples of bet amount)
Green Gems1x2x
Blue Gems2x4x
Red Gems3x6x
Yellow Gems5x10x
Leopard Trophy10x20x
Water Buffalo Trophy20x40x
Rhino Trophy50x100x
Elephant Trophy100x200x
Lion Trophy1000x2000x
WILD RUNFree GamesFree Games

Fast Buck Basketball

Fast Buck Basketball is a basketball themed “reveal-style” game. Besides the thematic difference, it differs from Wild Run in that each “spin” is broken into three separate “mini-game” sections that all operate independently from one another.

Players have the option of betting anywhere from $0.10 to $30 per game. Whatever amount is selected, the maximum amount that can be won in this game is 1000x the bet amount. Once choosing a bet amount, they then click PLAY to begin.

 Fast Buck Basketball’s mini-games

There are three distinct sections in Fast Buck Basketball and they all work on a “reveal-style” premise:

  • GAME 1: In the first section, players have four rows to click and reveal. They are hoping to find one with a trophy on the left-hand side. If they do, the player wins the prize amount shown on the right-hand side of the row.
  • GAME 2: In the second section, players have six squares in a 2×3 grid to click and reveal. They are hoping to find three prize amounts that are identical. If they do, they win the prize amount they have matched.
  • GAME 3: In the third section, players have another four rows to click and reveal. They are hoping to find one with two matching symbols on the left-hand side. If they do, the player wins the prize amount shown on the right-hand side of the row.

As with Wild Run (and most “reveal-style” games), players can either click each square (or row) themselves, savoring the anticipation, or they can click REVEAL ALL and the game will speed through the squares automatically.

Again, each section is independent of the others. It’s possible for a player to win in all three sections at once.

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Author: Adam Haman