Huge Bad Beat Jackpot Hit at Rivers Casino

Rivers Casino Bad Beat Jackpot hit

Every poker player who has ever sat down at a table hopes for the day they hit a bad beat jackpot. On Wednesday morning, players seated at the Rivers Casino poker table in Pittsburgh got to see just that — a jackpot that happened to be largest bad beat jackpot ever at the casino — $480,000.

The jackpot has hit on a 1/3 No Limit Texas Hold’em table with eight players seated at the table. One player began the hand with Tc 7c against pocket eights. With a board of 6c 9c 8s 8c and 10h, the player with Tc7c drew to a a straight flush beating the four of a kind.

For his trouble, the loser of the hand received $192,234 for his share of the progressive prize while the winner of the hand received $144,172. All other players who were dealt cards into the hand received $24,028 each.

The $480,000 record prize beat the previous high mark of $304,963.20, which was dealt in February of 2015.

Check out the hand below.

What is a bad beat jackpots?

Progressive bad beat jackpots are a common sight across U.S. poker rooms. Funded by a small take from each pot, the bad beat jackpot is used by poker rooms to attract players to the poker room with a the chance of a big score while sitting down at a poker table. Given the progressive nature of the jackpot, the longer the jackpot goes without being hit, the larger the jackpot will be.

Generally, a bad beat jackpot is triggered when one player with a huge hand gets beat by a another player with an even bigger hand.

The type of hand that needs to be beat is a rare occurrence. Typically, a four of kind will need to be beat by at least another four of a kind, so they these aren’t your everyday bad beats. They are a really, really bad beat, and poker rooms compensate players accordingly.

The losing player whose hand gets beat receives the largest percentage of the prize while the winner receives slightly less. The other players seated at the table also receive a small portion of the progressive jackpot.

In the case of the Rivers Casino BBJ, 40% is awarded to the loser of the hand, 30% to the winner with the rest 30% split between the remaining players.

About Rivers Casino

Rivers Casino, located in Pittsburgh is one of the largest casinos in Pennsylvania with nearly 3000 slots and over 100 table games. In addition to a bad beat jackpot, the poker room offered $75,000 in high hand promotions during the month.

Rivers Casino is also expected to be among the online casinos participating in Pennsylvania online gambling when it goes live sometime in 2018.

Author: Craig Klinski