Get Extra Value Through FanDuel Odds Boost

Looking for solid betting lines with great value in the PA FanDuel online sportsbook? Before you place your bets, you may want to have a look at special Daily Odds Boost, which offer “enhanced odds” for certain betting lines for PA sports bettors.

FanDuel Odds Boosts are available each day through the FanDuel online sportsbook. They can provide PA sports bettors with lower vig or extra value compared to other sportsbooks, as well as FanDuel Online Sportsbook odds that have been adjusted from original posted lines. While the Odds Boosts can give you a compelling reason to bet the line, make sure not to blindly place your bets with Daily Odds Boosts as there may not always be a clear advantage.

How to find the FanDuel Odds Boost betting lines?

Odds Boosts from FanDuel are displayed prominently in the FanDuel Online Sportsbook homepage or app. From a computer, Odds Boost is listed under both the “Popular” section as well as the A-Z Sport listing.

You will see a limited number of Odds Boosts for the day, depending on the upcomimg games, as shown below:

FanDuel Daily Odds Boost Betting Lines

In this example, the line has been Boosted from +1000 to +1200, which adds 20% more value to the bet. This particular bet also limits your wager to $50.

What else should you know?

There are some limitations to the FanDuel PA online sportsbook Odds Boost. For one, because of the nature of these bets, FanDuel Odds Boost lines have a limited offering. They will also change daily and vary on bet type and sport.

Also, because of the extra value of the Odds Boost lines, they can not be used with promotions. So if you are taking advantage of the PA FanDuel Online Sportsbook bonus, you will not be able to use both at the same time. Since the FanDuel bonus is so impressive, you will definitely want to put some money towards that offer, as you could easily be profitable from the bonus even if you don’t have much luck in the sportsbook. Find out why.


Author: Craig Klinski