Weekend NFL Odds Boosts and Promos on DraftKings

DraftKings Odds Boosts Week 12

Get ready for a great weekend on DraftKings. There are odds boosts for NFL games throughout the weekend.DraftKings PA Online Sportsbook Boost

If you think the Packers are looking good in their primetime matchup against the 49ers, get a boost on a bet for Green Bay to win and Aaron Jones to score yet another TD. Bet Zeke Elliott to take the Cowboys to the endzone first in their afternoon game against the Patriots for another odds boost.

On Monday night, the Baltimore Ravens, under the explosive leadership of Lamar Jackson, take on the LA Rams. Get more bang for your buck wagering the over on Lamar’s rushing yards and the Ravens to win.

DraftKings is also offering extra for bets on teams to score in the passing game. Wager on Carson Wentz throwing 2+ TDs and the Eagles winning, or for Tom Brady, Dak Prescott, and Russell Wilson all to throw 2+ TDs in their games, for an added odds boost.

Check out all the odds boosts on NFL games and more below.

Promos for PA Teams

Philly fans get added value with a bet for their team to win: $6 for every Eagles touchdown. The Eagles are hosting the Seahawks on Sunday and fighting for a chance to get into the playoffs. They are currently one game behind the Cowboys in the NFC East, but Dallas has a tough matchup in New England and will still have to face the Eagles one more time this year. Philly knows they’ll have to put up points against Seattle to fend off Russell Wilson and keep their playoff hopes alive.

The same DK promo holds for the Steelers game against the Bengals: bet on a Pittsburgh win and get $6 for every touchdown they score. Tune in on Sunday to see how many points the Steelers can rack up against the 0–10 Bengals —- and how much you can rake in.

It’s Always Scoring in Philadelphia

  • Place a bet on Philly to win and get $6 for every TD they score!
  • 11/24 Seahawks @ Eagles, 1pm on FOX

Steel City Scoring Special

  • Place a bet on PIT to win and get $6 for every TD they score!
    11/24 Steelers @ Bengals, 1pm on CBS

Props for TNF and SNF

Get protection for bets on Thursday Night Football and Sunday Night Football this week on DraftKings. Bet on the first team to score a touchdown and you get your wager, up to $20, back if that team scores at any point.

Pick which team will score first in the Thursday night divisional showdown between the two teams at the top of the AFC South, the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans.

On Sunday night, the Green Bay Packers take on the San Francisco 49ers in a fight for first place in the NFC. A wager on the first team to reach the end zone is protected if that team scores anytime in the game.

Primetime Props:

  • Bet on who will score the first touchdown and get protected with your wager back if they score anytime, up to $20!
  • TNF: 11/21 Colts @ Texans on FOX at 8:20pm
  • SNF: 11/24 Packers @ 49ers on NBC at 8:20pm

Weekend Odds Boosts


  • Devin Booker to score the first FG
  • Duke, Texas, and Xavier to win (CBB)
  • Crosby, Kane, and Matthews to score


  • NFL Underdog Pawlay of the week (TBD)
  • Carson Wentz 2+ TDs and the Eagles to win
  • LeBron, Doncic, and Jokic all to record a double-double


  • Zeke Elliot to score the first TD
  • Brady, Prescott, and Wilson all to throw 2+ TDs
  • Indiana to win and Notre Dame to cover -19.5 (CFB)
  • West Virginia and Marshall to win (CFB)


  • Lamar Jackson over rushing yards and the Ravens to win
  • Aaron Jones to score and the Packers to win
  • Kyrie and RJ Barrett over combined threes

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Author: James Marks