5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss The DraftKings’ NFL 100:1 Odds Boost

DraftKings PA Divisional Round 100:1 Odds

If you don’t yet have a DraftKings Online Sportsbook account or haven’t yet made a deposit, you won’t want to miss the amazing promotion for new sports bettors going on this weekend

NFL football fans know that there are four important NFL games this weekend as part of the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. Well, if you haven’t made a deposit yet on the DraftKings Online Sportsbook in PA or in other states where available, you can receive a 100:1 odds boost when betting on any winner.


Here are 4 reasons why you can’t miss this “no brainer” offer

1) Where else can you get free 100:1 odds? For many NFL games,  payouts for moneyline wagers are often even money or around -300 to +300. Here DraftKings is giving you +10000 should your bet win. Basically, you will have a 50% chance (or better) to turn $1 into $100. Yes, please. You will never find odds like this for such an easy bet.

2) Who knows when DraftKings will offer this promotion again. The DraftKings online sportsbook is known for its occasional “No Brainer” bonuses, but you never know when another might come up. Plus, when they are offered, they are never higher than 100:1 odds. Get in now, especially if you like to bet on the NFL.

3) You can take part with a very small bet. Often, in order to fully take advantage of a promotion, you need to put a decent amount of money at risk. In this case, you get the maximum value of the bonus by making just a $1 bet.

4) It’s virtually no risk – Ok, so there is technically a risk for you losing $1. But if that is a lot of money to you, you probably shouldn’t be betting anyway.

5) You only need to deposit $5 – Some bonuses require you to deposit hundreds of dollars to maximize the value. In fact, with the normal DraftKings bonuses, you often need to deposit $500-$1000 to fully take advantage of the bonus.

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Like what you see? You can make the wager on any of the four games this weekend. After making your first deposit, go to the DraftKings Sportsbook promotions page and “Boost This Game” of your choice. You can then apply the boost by adding the money line to your bet slip.

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Author: Craig Klinski