A Guide To Big Money Slingo – The Game With The Best Odds In The PA Online Lottery

The verdict is in. If you want to get the best odds out of any PA online lottery game, your best bet is a game called Big Money Slingo. Not only does the game offer some of the best odds, but it also provides the best payback of any game in the PA online lottery.

In this post we will discuss the basics of the game, why it’s argubly the best game in the PA online lottery as well a comprehensive list of prize payouts available in the game. Watch a demo of the game below:

Quick summary of Big Money Slingo

As the name would suggest Big Money Slingo is a bingo-style game containing a 5×5 grid with 25 numbers, where your goal is to match five numbers in a row, similar to a game of bingo.

The game is a bit more engaging than the majority of the games in the PA online lottery, many of which are simple “reveal” games, similar to what you might find in a scratch card. In contrast, Big Money Slingo adds multiple turns and plenty of variation that will keep most players entertained.

Big Money Slingo Details
Game StyleBingo
Bet Limits$0.50 to $10
Odds1 in 2:40
Payback %93.57%
Top Prize$10,000 (on a $1 play)
Mini GamesNone

How to Play Big Money Slingo

Like most PA iLottery games, Big Money Slingo takes only a couple minutes to learn to play.

After you select your game piece — which can be purchased for $0.50, $1, $2, $3, $5 and $10 — your board will randomly display numbers on the 5×5 grid.

You will get six “goes” for each play, with each go containing five numbers. Before starting, up to four jokers will randomly appear, which are effectively free spaces on the board. To begin, click the “go” button to reveal your five numbers for each turn. When a number has been revealed the board will be marked off with a star symbol.

Play Big Money Slingo

During your turn, occasionally a yellow ball will be revealed in place of a number which will allow you another “go,” where an additional five numbers will be revealed.

If you mark five numbers off in a row, you will the prize for that row or column.

Prize Payouts

Big Money Slingo’s 1 in 2.40 chances means that you will win more frequently than virtually any other game in the PA online lottery. The game is second only to Cash and Conquer and Big Eats Little.

But the game stands out because not only are the odds of winning in any given play high, but the payback percentages are excellent for an online lottery game. The 93.57% payback means that, in theory, for every $100 you put into the game you will get $93.57 back.

Of course, this is an average and not a guarantee of your return — you could lose more or win more. Given that the game with the next highest payout — Super Gems — is a full 4% lower, you won’t find a better game in the PA iLottery lottery in terms of value.

Below is a full list of prizes along with the consolidated chances for each level. Prizes are based on a $1 play.

Big Money Slingo Prize Table
PrizeConsolidated Chances
$0.501 in 4
$11 in 12
$1.501 in 7.68
$2.001 in 24
$2.501 in 40
$3.001 in 50
$3.501 in 66
$5.001 in 85
$5.501 in 140
$7.501 in 166.50
$10.001 in 500
$25.001 in 666
$50.001 in 1,333
$1001 in 5,000
$1,0001 in 100,000
$10,001 in 2,000,000

Author: Craig Klinski